how to apply for an entry visa to Egypt?

Any visitor entering Egypt is required to have an entrance visa stamped in their passport. The Egyptian Embassy sells this stamp all over the globe, as well as at Cairo Airport when you arrive.


Visas issued in accordance with the established custom

Another sort of visa is the tourist visa. At the airport, you may buy this visa for USD 25 per person from any bank. It is only valid for 30 days of admission into Egypt. As a result, if you leave Egypt and return within that time frame, you will be required to purchase a new one.

The Egyptian Embassy in your country issues this visa, which allows you to go to Egypt many times. This visa is valid for six months, during which time you may visit Egypt as many times as you choose.

Non-Egyptian citizens wishing to travel through Egypt on their way to another country may apply for a transit visa.


Visas are given out at no charge

In order to receive a free entrance visa, you only need to show up at the airport and present yourself. In your passport, you’ll find this stamp. In certain situations, a complimentary visa is provided.

Cruise ship passengers arriving in any of our seaports, such as Alexandria, the aforementioned port, or Safaga. This stamp serves as a visual cue that they’re just on a short journey. Since they will be departing Egypt on the same cruise ship, this stamp is good for the whole time they are in Egypt. If they arrive on a cruise ship and leave on a plane, they will need to apply for several visas from our embassy in their home country.

For visitors arriving on chartered flights to Sharm El Sheikh who want to remain in Sharm or South Sinai until their return home, this is a good option. To enter Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh, for example, they will need to get a visa at the airport upon arrival.

A visa is not required upon arrival for citizens of Malaysia. It’s good for 15 days after that.

Visa assistance is provided by Us. Upon arrival in Egypt, a representative from our company will greet the visitor and help with the process of entering the country.


How can I get an entry visa to Egypt if I don’t reside in the country where I was born?

An Egyptian visa may be obtained at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in the country where the tourist is residing, or it can be purchased upon arrival in Cairo, Hurghada, or Luxor airports if the passenger has a resident permit. A visa must be obtained from the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the nation that issued your passport if they do not have a resident permit.


Are there any other Egyptian places I may visit if I have a visa for Sinai?

To travel outside of the Sinai Peninsula, travellers will need a new visa, since the Sinai visa only covers the Sinai Peninsula.


Is it possible to extend my tourist visa?

The Mogama building on Tahrir Square in Cairo’s downtown is where you must go to renew your visa.


Is it possible to combine a trip to Egypt with another destination?

We, of course, have a variety of packages that allow you to go to a variety of places.


What terminal will I land in if I arrive at Cairo International Airport?

Depending on whose airline you’re flying with, you may or may not be able to choose an arrival terminal. Terminal 3 is used by Western European and American airlines, whilst Terminal 1 is used by Egyptian, Arab, African, and Eastern European carriers.


Please take note that you may apply for an Egypt visa online at this website.

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